Black Stream Bait Shop

367 Browns Corner Road, Canaan Maine

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​40 & 50 gallon glass aquariums: Used!  $39.00ea picked up at our location.

180 gal Semi-square fish tanks with stands and center drains.  Sloped bottom tanks that are self cleaning.  Excellent sorting tanks, retail tanks or bait storage.  Could hold 50-90 pounds of fish.

Used tanks, price negotiable.



email us for more info.


​Pond Master 2000 tank filter.   New. in original box.

Sell: &59.00 plus shipping!

Used bait shop equipment available​.  Opening a new shop or expanding existing shop.... we may have items of interest.

Give us a call!

Black Stream Bait Shop has closed and will not reopen for direct customer service.

Frozen, Salt-Cured & Processed baits may be purchased online here: